Blood and Cleavage All Around: Buay Song with Seat-Snatching, Aunties get into Violent Getai Brawl


Crooks who think they can bully elderly women, think again – Singapore’s aunties still have that feistiness in them hor!

This “don’t you dare take what’s mine” spunk was best seen at a getai performance on Sunday night.

At about 10.15pm, the getai at Sheng Hong Temple in the MacPherson region was about to wrap up.

Performers were still singing on stage, but one zealous aunty had already started to keep the plastic chairs which had been laid out for the public to watch the getai.

That zealous aunty in her 60s, known commonly as “Susan”, then tried to keep a chair that another 60+ years old aunty was sitting on.

That aunty (dressed in blue) was naturally buay song with Aunty Susan because she was still watching sitting down and watching the last bits of the song-and-dance performance.

The 2 aunties quarrelled, then to the horror of other getai-watchers, got into a violent brawl.

One eyewitness said the sight was a sight for sore eyes:

“The 2 aunties fought and tore at each other’s clothes until everything spilled out!”

Another eyewitness said he turned around and saw Aunty Susan, her face bleeding, sitting on the aunty in blue who was still clawing at her clothes.

Fortunately, getai organisers managed to tear the 2 violent aunties apart and resolve the issue before it got wat too far out of hand.

You know, because Cardboard Mata also might not be able to handle those violent aunties!


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