Boon Lay Residents Complain that Ah Ma Dries Her Bras, Bedsheets and Towels at Sky Garden


Looks like this 70-year-old ah ma hasn’t encountered any bra thieves yet (like this fella).

Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t be hanging her lingerie out to dry along the corridor of a sky garden which links a multi-storey carpark to the 8th floor of Block 261A Boon Lay Way.

One resident got a shock upon seeing the row of laundry on display, which includes bras, bedsheets and towels.

The 70-year-old ah ma says that she dries her clothes there because “space no enough” at home.

“Singapore flats have a very small area to dry laundry and it’s not enough for one family’s clothes. The sunlight along the path is better that’s why I dry the clothes there.”

Ah Ma said that back in her hometown of Hunan China, there were large plots of greenery where she could dry her laundry.

After moving to Singapore 17 years ago, she used to dry her laundry along the common corridor and her neighbours didn’t complain.

That’s why old habits die hard and she did the same after moving to her Boon Lay flat recently.

Unfortunately for Ah Ma, residents have complained and the town council has sent her a notice to stop airing her clean laundry in public.



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