Boon Tat St Stabbing: Son-in-Law Wanted a Divorce, Father-in-Law Chose Killing over Karaoke

Further snooping into the Boon Tat Street stabbing that saw 38-year-old Spencer Tuppani killed have revealed that he was planning to divorce his wife of 13 years, Tan Cheng Cheng.

Tuppani and his wife were due to celebrate the 13th anniversary of their wedding, but he was stabbed to death by his father-in-law on Mon (10 Jul) a week before the day came.

Local Chinese media reports that Tuppani and his were planning to separate.

The relationship soured 3 years ago when Tuppani reportedly met a jobless woman in her 30s.

He was reportedly often seen with her and would wine and dine her at atas restaurants in the Orchard Rd area.

Tuppani and Tan registered their marriage in 2004, but checks have shown the Tuppani had a previous marriage that was registered in 2000.


69-year-old Tan Nam Seng who answers to the English name “Bruce” is Tuppani’s father-in-law.

He is accused of stabbing Tuppani at a coffeeshop along Boon Tat Street then preventing passers-by from helping him, even telling those who tried to help that “He’s my son-in-law, let him die”.

Two nights before the stabbing, on Saturday, “Bruce” had attended a party in Johor Bahru.

He arranged to meet a friend on Monday for karaoke, but didn’t turn up for that appointment as he was busy stabbing his son-in-law and was later arrested.

The prosecution has since recommended that “Bruce” be remanded at Complex Medical Centre in Changi Prison for psychiatric assessment.



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