Boss Rewrites Staff Resignation Letter to Make Himself Look Good, But Some Staff Don’t Give 2 Flying F*cks

What would you do if even your resignation letter wasn’t good enough for your boss?

That’s the situation that Chester Ang, an ex-staff of a local bank, was confronted with (not naming banks but you can kind of figure out from the picture which one).

Poor Chester woke up and scratched his ass one day and decided to quit, so he sent this letter (above, left) to his boss.

But it didn’t sound very nice, possibly because he didn’t use terms such as “Your Majesty” or something to that effect.

So Chester’s boss decided to REWRITE his resignation letter on his behalf (which gives a whole new dimension to the phrase “chin eng hor”.

The above, right letter is the rewritten one, which makes his boss sound like the best manager EVER.

But Chester’s the kind of guy that don’t give 2 flying f*cks about anything, so:

And what did Chester do with the new resignation letter?


Granted, Chester’s reply was much more eloquent than his original resignation letter, but if you gotta go, you gotta go, in style or not.



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