Boyfriend Jailed for Beating Up Ah Pek Who Groped His Girlfriend’s Buttocks and Attacked His Mom

His girlfriend complained that a 68-year-old ah pek had bumped into her from behind at a Marine Terrace coffeeshop while she was queuing to buy food.

Not once, but twice.

That incident led to 22-year-old Shawn Ho Wee Kiat raining punches on the ah pek and subsequently, 6 weeks in jail for causing hurt.

This happened at about 1.30pm in August last year.

Ho’s girlfriend, a Ms Choo, got into an argument with the man she accused of molesting her – Mr Tham Wye Mun.

Ms Choo returned to her boyfriend’s home where she was staying over at the time, and complained to his mother that she was molested.

At about 1.45pm, Ms Choo, her boyfriend, and his mother all went to the coffeeshop to confront Tham.

The feisty mom accused Tham of molesting Ms Choo and threw tea at him.

In retaliation, Tham threw his plate of half-eaten noodles at her.

Seeing his mom attacked and hearing that his girlfriend had been molested, angry boyfriend Shawn punched Tham several times until he fell.

When Tham got up, Shawn continued to rain punches on him.

He also shouted profanities at Tham.

When Tham tried to walk away, Shawn tored off his shirt and insisted he apologise to his girlfriend.

However, Tham insisted that he was innocent.

Members of the public eventually separated the two men.

Tham suffered a broken nose and swelling and cuts on his face.

Yesterday, Shawn pleaded guilty to causing hurt and was jailed for 6 weeks.

Boyfriends, be smart.

Next time, just spinelessly suck thumb, snap picture and send to Redwire.


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