Boyfriend Refused to Pay Wedding “Deposit” so PRC Bride-to-Be Allegedly Killed Herself

23-year-old Tang Jing was all set to marry her boyfriend, a fellow China national, who runs a restaurant here.

However, it appears that things went awry after her soon-to-be husband refused to pay S$2000 as a marriage “deposit”.

According to her cousin, the wedding was postponed till May this year, but got called off before that.

On 19 April this year, Tang’s decomposed body was fished out of Bedok Reservoir.

She’s suspected to have committed suicide.

Said her father, Mr Tang:

“Tan Jing came to Singapore to work in June last year. She didn’t say what she was working as. But, she told her brother she met a man from Chongqing and was going to return to China in December to get married. She said they had even bought a house. But later on there was some misunderstandings and they quarrelled over the deposit.”

Ms Tang’s cousin, Mr Bao, said that she wanted to improve the life of her family back in Sichuan, so she asked for a 10,000 yuan deposit (about S$2000).

However, her boyfriend refused to pay that sum of money.

He added that she later told him about the postponement of the wedding, and later on, that the wedding was cancelled as they couldn’t agree on the deposit money.

Mr Tang and Mr Bao flew to Singapore from Sichuan yesterday and identified Tang Jing’s body this morning.

They were informed of the tragic news on 30 Apr, but her father could not travel here earlier due to passport issues.



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