Boys Lie that Teacher Sexually Assaulted Them to get Him in Trouble


They lied that he forced them to touch them inappropriately, likely because they were criticised and treated sternly by him.

The court today acquitted a 40-year-old former teacher of 3 charges under the Children and Young Persons Act after ruling that his “victims” had worked together to make false allegations against him.

The “victims” were 2 boys age 13 and 14 years old respectively in 2012 when they accused their teacher of committing indecent acts.

He was also accused of getting the younger boy to massage his groin area.

At the time, the accused was a head of department at the primary school.

District Judge John Ng said that the prosecution had not been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the teacher had committed the acts.

The judge said that the boy was unable to provide specific descriptions of the offending acts regarding any specified occasion.

He added that the defence was able to show that the boys had a clear motive to lie.

The maximum punishment under the Children and Young Persons Act is a S$10,000 fine and 5 years’ jail.


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