Brave Dhoby Gaut MRT Staff Remove “Devil Doll” Found at Train Tunnel

A doll that looked like it came from hell itself was spotted at the Dhoby Gaut MRT station tunnel by commuter Ashley Soo.

The devil doll resembled another creepy Barbie found in 2014 perched under a tree at Hougang.

This one.


No one knows how any of those dolls got there, or why they was placed there.

The Dhoby Gaut devil doll has since been removed by MRT staff, with no known repercussions such as unearthly possessions or strange head-twisting and speaking in tongues.

Some have put the doll’s appearance down to supernatural forces, but we’ll put it down to a drunk doll lover who, when sober, will be calling up the MRT lost and found department.




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