“Cab Driver Opened Door to Flash Me the Middle Finger in the Middle of the Road!”

Some drivers just haven’t learnt a lesson, even after this tale of one motorist who’s probably the most ch** bye driver in Singapore.

A cabbie has been accused of opening the door his cab in the middle of the road, and pointing the middle finger at another car driver before scooting off.

The incident happened along Beach Road, just outside Golden Mile Complex on Saturday (27 Jun).

The driver says both of them had exited from the shopping centre, when the taxi cut into his lane abruptly.

He slammed on his brakes and horned at the taxi.

That’s when the cabbie decided to give him the finger flash.

The driver recorded the incident with in car camera, and has identified the taxi licence plate number as SHC5877T.

He wants the authorities to take action against the cabbie.

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