Singapore Cancer Patient Fumes at S$5000 Bill for 3-Weeks Worth of Medicine

S$5000 for a 3-week dose of cancer pills.

That means one pill cost roughly S$250.

And that’s got one Stage 4 lung cancer patient fuming.

She sent photos and a short note of this to Gilbert Goh, the chief of voluntary welfare organisation Transitioning.

According to her, the pills carry no medical subsidy and she can only use her medisave and insurance to pay – no medifund or medishield can be utilised.

Her chemo treatment was subsidised using the medifund.

So far the hospital has not chase after her for the cash portion of the bill as she just started to use the expensive drugs in January but as a subsidised patient she is sceptical that she can pay up if the hospital calls for cash payment.

“If I have to beg, borrow or steal, I will have to do it,” she told Goh via watsapps.

“Cancer is a rich man’s disease.”

Goh commented that, “It’s no wonder many people prefer to die here than having to pay for the expensive medical cost in our first world country.”

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