Cardboard Aunty Finds Naked Man Sleeping in Dustbin during Morning Exercise

This 70-year-old Cardboard Aunty got more excitement than she bargained for during her morning exercise routine.

While hunting for cardboard at the rubbish disposal area at the back alley of Pagoda Street, she found a naked Chinese man instead.

The incident took place yesterday (10 Sept) at about 2pm.

“I was looking for cardboard when I saw that one of the rubbish bins was open. I looked inside and got a shock when I saw a man sleeping inside.”

The Cardboard Aunty, who has been picking cardboard for the past 20 years, said this is the first time she has had such an unexpected encounter.

Upon finding Sleeping Beauty, she informed a cleaner uncle who promptly called the police.

Police said in a statement that 37-year-old Sleeping Beauty was sent to Singapore General Hospital, and subsequently arrested on suspicion of drug-related offences.

Investigations are ongoing.



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