CASE: Hawker Food Prices Rose Up to 20% from 2 Years Ago


and char kway teow lovers shedded a collective tear.

and char kway teow lovers shedded a collective tear.

Hawker food prices have increased by 10 to 20 per cent since December 2012, according to a survey released by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) on Monday (20Oct).

In an islandwide survey conducted in July this year, the prices from a total of 503 hawker food stalls selling the five common food items in Singapore were analysed.

According to CASE, the mode prices for chicken nasi briyani, chicken rice, plain roti prata and mixed vegetables rice comprising two vegetables dishes and one meat dish, have increased by 10 to 50 Singapore cents as compared to an earlier survey in December 2012. Meanwhile, the mode price of a bowl of fishball noodles still remains at S$3.

The mode price is the price most commonly charged by hawkers in the survey.

CASE also said it was found that there was a dip in the percentage of hawkers selling food below the average price. In an effort to encourage consumers to patronise hawker stalls that continue to offer value-for-money food, the non-profit organisation highlighted a list of stalls that offer competitive prices for hawker food in its press release.


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