Casino-Suing Permanent Resident Sues Resorts World for S$46,000 after Scuffle over Chips

Australian lawyer and Singapore Permanent Resident Adesh Kumar Goel has been awarded S$46,000 in damages after winning a lawsuit against Resorts World Sentosa for wrongful detention.

Goel was initially seeking S$400,000 for loss of income and S$16,000 for medical treatment, besides more cash for his distress following the ordeal.

Back in April 2012, Goel had gotten into a scuffle with another patron after gambling at the RWS casino for 12 hours.

The other patron had taken a S$50 chip of his by mistake.

The scuffle led to security officers detaining Goel in a side room.

There, he says he was prevented from leaving several times, and subjected to physical abuse.

This includes being slammed against the wall, and the manhandling led to him suffering a fractured shoulder.

Goel subsequently called the police and was released after being detained for about an hour.

RWS has previously accused Goel of being drunk at the time he was detained.

He accused the casino of letting his “aggressors” get off scot-free while he was detained.

This isn’t the first instance where Goel has sued a casino.

Back in 2001, he sought compensation from Star City casino in Australia for being irresponsible in serving him alcohol.

He claimed that Star City gave him 3 drinks every hour for 5 hours, and that allowed him to continue drinking while gambling.

The casino compensated Goel in a private settlement.

In 2010, Goel also accused security officers at the Marina Bay Sands casino of detaining him and pushing him around after he forgot to swipe his identity card when leaving the casino.

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1 Comment

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