Ceiling of Sengkang Lift Gives Way and Crashes Down on Teen Girl

The ceiling of a lift at Block 325A Sengkang East Way collapsed yesterday, injuring a 10-year-old girl.

Her father, polytechnic lecturer Chung Koh Choon, said that his family were returning home from lunch when the incident took place.

They entered the lift on the 4th floor of the block which is linked to the multi-storey carpark.

Mr Chung said his wife noticed a long metal rod on the floor and he remembered thinking that it didn’t look like “something from a household”.

Then all of a sudden, half of the light cover on the lift ceiling came crashing down and hit his daughter.

Mr Chung said:

“She ran out of the lift shouting ‘Ah, my head got blood’.”

Actually, the girl’s foot was bleeding but she thought the blood stemmed from a head wound.


A neighbour who heard the commotion rushed out and helped soak up the blood on the injured girl’s foot.

The girl was subsequently sent to hospital and needed stitches on her foot.

She has developed a fear of taking lifts.

Mr Chung’s younger son, who was standing slightly further away from the lift door, was unharmed.

His wife suffered a small cut on her right arm.

Officials from Ang Mo Kio Town Council and the Building and Construction Authority were seen inspecting the lift last night.

The lift has been shut down for repair until Monday (12 Jun).

In May last year,  some residents of Block 433A Sengkang West Way took to carrying umbrellas to avoid the rain while taking the lift because the roofs of both lifts at that block of flats leak.


Lift woes have gotten Singaporeans hopping mad, especially due to the frequency of malfunctions.

Just last month, residents at a Tampines flat complained that the lifts at their flat have broken down 12 times in 6 months and the town council still can’t rectify the problem.



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