Changi General Hospital Accused of More Cases of Unreliability and Misdiagnosis


Changi General Hospital’s reputation has been dragged through the mud following the Court of Appeal’s verdict that negligence on the part of the hospital led to this young lady developing stage 4 cancer.

More people have since voiced their anger at CGH, alleging that the hospital is unreliable and prone to misdiagnosis of illnesses.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Laurence Pang claimed that CGH doctors could not detect the reasons for his “severe chest pain” despite visiting their emergency department and cardiac clinic.

Pang said that CGH instructed him to go for further tests, with a waiting period of 2 months.

He subsequently sought treatment on his own at the National University Hospital, was treated for blocked arteries, and discharged a day later.

Laurence Pang
“Last January I had severe chest pain in the middle of the night. Was rushed down to Changi General Hospital ER. Spent the whole night there under observation. Came out with nothing. Was referred to their Cardiac Clinic for ‘better’ check up. Went there the following week. Came out with nothing. Recommended to go for treadmill and ECG, the appointment to be in March. WHAT??? Here I was having regular severe chest pain, and they had to make me wait for another 2 months for this? I tried asking for an earlier date. Sorry, full house… Last week, I had another attack of chest pain. This time, I didn’t want to go to Changi General Hospital. I told my son to send me to NUH. That was on 19 February, 11.00pm. They put me under observation. Asked me some random questions, after which they warded me for a specialist to see me. The next morning, one cardiac specialist came, asked me some random questions again. She decided that my chest pain had something to do with my heart. Sent me for some tests, injected me with some dye, and came out with the result: I had 2 blocked arteries, 80% & 90%, that needed immediate remedy : ANGIOPLASTY. Immediately that same afternoon, they rolled me into the theatre and did the procedure. Was well enough the following day to be discharged. What am I saying here? If I had gone back to Changi Gen Hospital, I don’t know what would have happened. what would they have done? Or kept me waiting again?”

Others have shared their own horror encounters with CGH:


Ting Chung Hua
“I was warded at CGH and for nearly a year, and thereafter, I was told going to die in 6 months. Found out they only have transplant facility and expert at NUH by then. Why didn’t they refer or transfer me to NUH instead earlier? Luckily, because of my family members, making a big fuss and assurance, I finally got the transfer. After waiting at NUH for another 5 months, I got a transplant. I am not the only one for this case. There was another young girl, same as me.”

Muhammad Habit
“I went there last month for hand x-ray and the result nothing. The next day they call me and said I hand fracture, so I went for casting. The following check-up, to my horror, they said they found another fracture which means I have two fractured bones but they couldn’t detect it from one-time x-ray.”

Ferra Ferdiana
“My husband was going in and out CGH from October – Dec 2016 for observation and test because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Discharge him even when he was still not well. Better yet, gave the wrong diagnosis as thyroid. After 3 months of in and out, complaining of back pain and on off fever, they finally decided to do a CT scan (what took them so long?!). Only to have discovered too late that it’s now stage 4 cancer. So bloody slow in giving the next course of direction, he was just an experiment and guinea pig for the trainee doctors. We requested for immediate discharge to go to SGH. Best decision. SGH doctors saw the urgency in this and did immediate biopsy the next day on Friday and started chemo with immediate effect on Monday. My husband is now a stage 4 cancer survivor. Would like to thank the senior oncologist consultants and nurses In SGH for their pro activeness and extensive experience. Couldn’t have made it through that phase without them.”

Princess Fiza Lin
“Thought my late mum had constipation when she actually had a 20cm mass growth which was actually a tumour and was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer by KKH. Big boo to CGH. She could have been alive or get an earlier treatment if CGH can do their job properly.”

Azilas Nalimar
“11 years ago, my hubby had a massive Stroke and was brought by the ambulance there. Surprisingly, they do not have any neurologist during that time and my hubby was put into normal ward without any close monitoring!! We requested for immediate transfer to SGH and was given an ‘at your own risk’ memo to be transferred. Upon reaching SGH, he was put into ICU as his condition has worsen. I am totally disappointed with the doctors there, until today, they have not changed for the better. Thank God, my hubby is getting better now.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alex Chng

    March 3, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    sometimes the Simei CGH will just send an SMS or email to a patient to change the appointment date and time without the patient’s consent (whether the patient is available on the changed date and time). After receiving the sms or email and wanted to change the new appointment date and time (on that particular date the patient is busy) given by the hospital, often the staff will mention no other dates are available. It seems that the hospital staff is not considering that the patient also needs to apply leave or unpaid leave if due to work schedules. This doesn’t mean the patient must oblige to all arrangement done by the hospital staff.

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