Chauffeur Uncle: “Boss Threatened Me and Made Me Take the Blame for His Hit and Run Accident”


Poor Fu Zhenhui – the 60-year-old uncle got hired as a personal driver not knowing that he would be made to take the rap for a hit and run accident caused by his boss, and be made to pay over S$200 worth of summons racked up by towkay.

All allegedly ah, because police are now investigating his case.

Looking for work, Uncle Fu was introduced by a friend to a boss who supposedly ran a finance company.

He was engaged to work as a chauffeur on 22 July this year.

The terms – He would drive his boss around on weekends, and some weekdays.

The day he was hired, Uncle Fu rented a car as instructed under his name and drove it to his boss’s home, then handed over the keys.

But at the end of the month, he got a shock when police phoned him and accused him of being involved in a hit and run accident.

“The car accident took place on 29 July in the afternoon at the Chinatown stretch. Police said the car I rented got into an accident with another car. But the whole day that day I was at my mother’s house!”

Later on, Uncle Fu’s boss called him and pleaded with him to take the rap for the accident and leave him out of it, saying at most it’s just a fine he would have to pay.

Sensing that Uncle Fu was caught in two minds, Boss then allegedly told him to do as told or face the consequences – not very pleasant consequences.

Said Uncle Fu:

“I felt trapped so I gave the police false facts. In the end I got fined S$1100 and given 9 demerit points.”

Uncle Fu paid the fine, then got a another surprise when more fines came in – he had to pay over S$200 for 6 summons for traffic violations accumulated by his boss.

To add insult to injury, his boss allegedly only paid him for one of the summons – a paltry S$11.

Uncle Fu made a police report, saying that he is prepared to face the music for making a false statement to police so long as justice is served.

Police have confirmed the receipt of Uncle Fu’s report and are investigating the incident.



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