Cheating Woman Marries Two Wives and Still Sexually Assaults 13-Year-Old Girl

This first-of-its-kind case must surely have baffled the cops, and the court.

A woman managed to marry two wives, and still find time to sexually assault another 13-year-old girl.

All this, while none of them knew that she was posing as a man.

Zunika Ahmad’s marriage to his first wife was a sham right from the start.

After they got married, she had an affair and told Zunika that the baby was hers (or “his”).

Playing along, Zunika didn’t dispute that, since she was still hiding her true identity.

The couple had a baby girl.

Soon after, Zunika married another wife, and together with his first wife and daughter, they moved into a flat near to his would-be victim.

The 39-year-old, who claimed to be an Indonesian man, started having a sexual relationships with the 13-year-old after becoming friend’s with her family.

Her victim would often stay over to spend time with her baby girl.

Soon, they started developing feelings for each other.

For two years up until Dec 2013, Zunika and the teen engaged in sexual acts.

Both were happy to do so, but in Singapore, the age of consent for sex is 16 years by law.

In March 2014, the girl made a police report about their sexual trysts after an argument with Zunika.

Zunika was arrested and medical reports show that she had gender dysphoria, meaning she had a strong desire to be a man such that she assumed a man’s psychological state.

Zunika has pleaded guilty to 7 charges of obscene acts with the 13-year-old, and is awaiting sentencing.

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