Chicken Rice War: Shoving and Vulgarities because Customer Refused “Chicken Drumstick Rice”

Okay everyone, raise up a drumstick if you’d get into a fight over 50 cents…

Some people in Punggol would do that hor.

This “chicken rice war” incident took place on Wednesday (11 Oct) at about 7.30pm, at the Block 273 Punggol Place kopitiam.

A girl of about 10 years old went to the chicken rice stall and pointed at the picture showing “chicken drumstick rice” which cost S$3.50.

The female stall assistant said she gave her just that, and 50 cents change for her S$4 note.

Minutes later, an angry mother then approached the stall assistant and demanded that she exchange the S$3.50 chicken drumstick rice for the S$4 chicken cutlet rice.

The reason being – since she didn’t return the 50 cents change, she should change the chicken drumstick rice to the pricier chicken cutlet rice.

You know lah, fairness mah.

The stall assistant refused and the pair started quarrelling.

Now, there’s 2 accounts of how the pair came to blows.

One eyewitness says the stall assistant couldn’t speak without saliva spurting out of her mouth.

Some of that saliva landed on the woman who raised a hand to wipe it off, and the stall assistant shoved her because she thought she was about to attack her.

Another eyewitness said the woman kept using her handphone to film the stall assistant and the stall assistant tapped her on the hand because she didn’t want to be filmed.

Either way, both accounts continue with the woman scolding the stall assistant using vulgar language, calling her husband to come over and chup jit kah, and also calling the police.

(We feel for the young girl…)

But, the matter was resolved before police arrived.

You see, the woman found the 50 cents change from the stall assistant that her daughter had tucked away.

Wars usually start over bigger misunderstandings, but then again, Punggol…



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