Childcare Centre Teacher Stung over 60 Times Protecting Children during Sudden Bee Invasion


A 42-year-old childcare centre teacher was stung over 60 times while ensuring the safety of children under her care during an unexpected bee attack.

The incident took place at a childcare centre at Dover Road at about 5pm on Friday (5 Jan).

The teacher, Mdm Ma, said she had just finished changing the diapers of 2 boys in one of the rooms of the centre and washed up when she felt sharp pains on parts of her body.

She looked up and saw a swarm of bees headed her way.

She swatted at them but they kept coming at her.

“The bees were circling the boys and me. I put them on the floor and used my body to shield them.”

Mdm Ma then hurriedly put the boys in another room of the childcare centre.

She then charged into the living room, scooped up another 10 children who inside, and put them in that same room to avoid the bees.

Throughout the ordeal, she suffered stings on her face, arms, legs and back.

SCDF received a call regarding the bees at about 5.55pm.

4 persons were sent to hospital for treatment.

When stung by bees:

-Cover your face and leave the area

-Pull out the sting to relieve the pain, but don’t use to much force in case you release more poison from the sting

-Wash your wounds with soap and cold water and apply ice to bring down the swelling

-See a doctor




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