China Aunty Dreams of Dead Sister 19 Years Later, Eyes a Return to Singapore to Seek Justice

A dream on the eve of Chinese New Year this year has spurred this 58-year-old China national from Fujian province to seek justice for her sister.

Cheng Feng Zhu says she never found out who killed her younger sister 19 years ago, in a hit-and-run accident along Marymount Rd on 24 Sept 1997.

Her sister. Chen Feng Qin, had been crossing the road early in the morning when she a car struck her and fled the scene.

She had been in Singapore for a two week holiday, and the tragedy took place 2 days before she was scheduled to return to China.

“I had just started work in Singapore for two months. When the accident happened I wasn’t by her side. The next day I realised she hadn’t come on the whole night so I tried calling her. My sister was only 32 years old at that time.”

Chen says she’s illiterate, so she asked an old friend who was working in Singapore at the time to help her manage the police investigations and funeral arrangements.

She says she never got to find out what was the result of the investigation.

Now, she wants answers.

It turns out, she wasn’t the only one who dreamed of her sister on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Chen says she got a shock when she informed her husband about the dream, and he said he had dreamed of her too.

“I haven’t dreamed of her even though I have thought of her every day. That’s why I want to go to Singapore to give it a shot.”


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