Chinese Customer Thrashes Stall because “Curry Not Enough”, Gets Caught in Chokehold by Lady Boss

An argument over curry ended in a chokehold by a food stall lady boss who could have been MI6-trained.

The incident took place last Friday at about 12 noon at a kopitiam in Kaki Bukit.

A kopitiam kaki said that he saw a Chinese couple buying deep fried scallops in curry from a Japanese food stall at the kopitiam.

The female customer thought the curry given was too little and asked for more but the lady boss refused to give her any additional curry.

Then, the customer asked for a refund, which the lady boss also declined.

Fuming, the customer saw a plate of curry rice and took it and threw it at the food stall.

She then ran off with her male companion.

This angered the lady boss – not only was there curry sullying her stall, her pristine apron was also stained with curry.

She chased after and caught up with the couple and they got into a heated argument in which the lady boss got hit on the back of the head.

Then, she went into rage mood.

She caught the female customer and managed to catch her in a chokehold in an attempt to make sure the customer and her pal didn’t slip away again.

Police soon arrived on scene to break up the scuffle.

The incident is being investigated.

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