Chong Pang Durian Wars: 20 Cents for One Durian!

A war has broken out in Chong Pang City in Yishun, where two durian stalls barely 10 metres apart from each other are vying to be Cat Mountain King.

And if you head down, you can get durians at a steal – for as low as 20 cents a fruit!

Amongst the uncles fighting for business are newcomer 919 Evershine, which started business in Chong Pang about 2 years ago.

He faces tough competition in stalwart Chong Pang City Mao Shan Wang, which has been in the area for the about 40 years now.

The old-timer boss is even willing to fork out a total of S$60,000 a month in rent, just so he can rent the empty space near to the car park area to set up large tents to promote his fruits.

And, he’s putting out “premium” Mao Shan Wang durians at just S$16 per kilogram.

Whichever way the money swings, it looks like it’s durian-lovers who will reap the benefits.

Kum sia ah, uncles!



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mel

    August 5, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    What time does this 2 stalls closes daily?

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