Clarke Quay Brawl: JJ Lin Lookalike Brutally Beaten till Brain Dead over Carpark Clash

31-year-old IT products salesman Chen Jun Wei was brutally beaten by a gang of thugs after a carpark clash and died days after.

The incident took place on Sunday morning (16 Apr).

Chen was reportedly walking to his car, which was parked at a car park in Clarke Quay, when he was almost hit by 2 cars.

Chen, who bears a strong resemblance to JJ Lin, that guy who brought upon Singaporeans that dreaded YOG song, confronted the drivers.


That confrontation led to a brawl involving him against up to 8 people.

Eyewitness accounts say Chen was whacked by 2 men dressed in black shirts.

They kicked him viciously even as he lay on the ground.

Even when he managed to stand up, they continued to taunt him and demand that he settle “one-on-one” with them.

Chen was subsequently sent to the Singapore General Hospital where doctors fought in vain to save his life.

He suffered swelling and haemorrhage to his head, and yesterday at around 9am doctors pronounced him brain dead and pulled the plug on him.

Police have reportedly arrested up to 8 persons involved in the brawl and are investigating the incident.



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