Compassvale Lift Suddenly Stops and Shoots Upwards but Contractor Says No Fault Found

A malfunctioning lift in Sengkang has caused a scare, but mysteriously, checks reveal that there’s nothing wrong with it.

Mr Tan Joo Jin was in a lift, at Block 299A Compassvale Street and heading downstairs when 5  people entered on the 8th floor.

He said that’s when the there was a “sudden jerk”, and the lift stopped between levels 3 and 4, shot upwards and stopped between levels 2 and 3, then shot down again and landed heavily on the ground floor.

Tan says this isn’t the first time the lift has malfunctioned.

He said the lift was recently closed for servicing after it moved up and down randomly.

Tan says he emailed Pasir Ris-Punggol town council and received a reply that the problem was being investigated.

Strangely enough, MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC Mr Zainal Saparii said the lift has been tested and no fault was found.

He said that the lift contractor, Sigma, is testing other lifts in the area.

This lift scare follows the latest lethal lift malfunction in Petir Rd, where a woman broke her spine when the lift she was in shot upwards for no apparent reason.

Sigma was also the contractor for that lift.



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