Convenience Store Assistant Allegedly Molests Woman after Claiming She Paid “One Dollar Short”

Ms Lim says she wants to make this alleged molest incident public so that other women will be more careful when they go out till the wee hours of dawn.

The 28-year-old said she was going home to her flat unit at Block 64 Circuit Rd when she was groped by a convenience store assistant who is believed to be from Myanmar.

The incident took place on Saturday morning at about 4am.

She dropped by the 24-hour convenience store to buy cigarettes and a drink then went to benches at a nearby basketball court to sit down and rest.

That’s when Ms Lim said the convenience store assistant approached her and said she had paid him one dollar short.

“I was stunned and thinking whether I had really paid him a dollar less when he suddenly leaned over and kissed my lips and touched my legs.”

Fortunately Ms Lim was wearing jeans at the time.

Ms Lim screamed and the man ran back to the convenience store.

Furious, Ms Lim chased after him and questioned him but he acted as though nothing had happened.

This got Ms Lim even more hot and bothered and she called the police.

“He wasn’t apologetic at all. I said I’d call the police and he said ‘OK’.”

Ms Lim said that when police arrived the store assistant was nonchalant and even talking and laughing with his colleague in Burmese.

She said that when police told him not to speak in Burmese, the store assistant defiantly answered that the police officers were speaking in Chinese so why couldn’t he speak in Burmese.

“I grew up in this area and have been buying things from this shop for the past 2-3 years with no problems. I didn’t expect that suddenly something like that would happen.”

The convenience store assistant had started work a month before he allegedly molested Ms Lim, according to the other assistant working at the store.

Police have arrested the store assistant who allegedly molested Ms Lim and are investigating the incident.



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