Cost of Basic Food Items in Singapore Rose Between 60 to 120 Percent in the Past Decade

News of the 120 percent spike in price of infant milk formula over the past 10 years is so last month.

But, what’s worrying is reports showing the steep jump in costs of other basic food items too.

The most alarming jump, which many on the street would have felt by now, is the increase in Thai rice prices by 66 percent.

Meanwhile, the price of white bread rose by 34 percent, while normal hens’ eggs went up by 28 percent per carton.

This data was compiled by the Department of Statistics.

Facing an economic downturn, with GDP growth and job creation for locals at an all-time low, Singaporeans have been further pressed by price hikes of public utilities.

These include basic services such as water, electricity and Service and Conservancy Charges.



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