Couple Accused of Vomiting in Taxi, Punching Taxi Driver and Running Off to Evade Fare!

A taxi driver Nick Ang has accused a couple of abusing him and his vehicle, and running off without paying their taxi fare.

The couple had apparently used the GrabTaxi app to engage his services yesterday morning at around 2am.

Commenting on Facebook, Mr Ang said:

“As a taxi driver fetch them from Suntec Tower 2 to 112 Katong but along the way this guy vomited on my taxi and yet when i drove to caltex petrol station along tanjong katong and demand them to alight, they try to escape. Didn’t pay for cab and yet punch me on my lower jaw. Have reported to the police on the spot. Ask them to wait for police, yet trying to run off by flagging for another taxi.”

” Trying to escape, kana stop by me liao then decided to play violent by punching me on the lower jaw. The guy is the one who throw the punch and the girl try to cover up the face not letting me take his photo.”

Mr Ang also accused the couple of avoiding contact with him to resolve the issue

“Having informed the lady asking for her co-orperation last night, she replied ok but to call her next day. In the end, unable to get her the next day. Called mobile but nobody picked up. Even GrabTaxi try to contact her and she avoid asking their calls.”

Their stance has clearly frustrated Mr Ang, and it appears he’s done playing Mr Nice Guy:

“After 36hrs since this incident, the guy coward finally came out of hiding and not sure who provided him my mobile number then decided to call me saying want to talk. For what need to talk, since he nv even apologised and go into hiding, nw police is involved then got scared want to settle….??? “

The matter is now in the hands of the police.

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