Crying Wolf: Alleged Child Abuse at Preschool Didn’t Happen and was a Misunderstanding

Sweetlands Childcare has rubbished allegations that one of its teachers had abused a toddler who was studying at the childcare centre.

In a note to Redwire, the school clarified that the abusive actions mentioned did not happen, and that there was a misunderstanding between the parents and the centre.

“We have met the parents to clarify the misunderstanding. The incident was reported to ECDA and they will investigate. We cannot share details at this point of time so as to protect the parent and child’s privacy.”

Yesterday, the god-mother of the girl, Kelly Koh accused a teacher from the childcare centre at at Block 612 Punggol Drive of pinching the girl’s face and slapping her buttocks in March this year.

She said that the school tried to downplay the allegations, but the final straw came when the girl was struck again yesterday.

“We couldnt get her to point the finger at the teacher. After which, my poor girl was traumatized and down with fever for a few days. But still we let this matter slip as its really difficult to get a preschool their area (suck thumb). Months have passed, today once again the teacher was being spotted using a book to slap my god daughter on the face !!”

Sweetlands Childcare says that it contacted Kelly, and she agreed that the whole fiasco was a misunderstanding.


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