Cyclist Accuses Lorry Driver of Driving Too Close to Him, Confronts Him in the Middle of Traffic


A cyclist confronted a lorry driver in the middle of traffic, accusing the driver of driving too close to him.

The incident took place along Clementi Road on Saturday (19 Aug) at about 9.45am.

The cyclist had been cycling on the left side of the road, while the lorry was travelling behind him in the left-most lane.

Then, the lorry overtook the cyclist and that move sparked the confrontation.

Subsequently, traffic came to a stop at a traffic light.

The cyclist then rode up to the lorry driver’s window and gesticulated at him with angry waves of his arms, and appeared to be scolding the driver.

The confrontation only ended when the traffic light turned green and the cyclist rode off.

It’s unclear how close the lorry driver was to the cyclist when the overtaking move took place, though some have questioned whether it was the right time and place for the cyclist to be doing what he did.



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