Cyclist who Beat Red Light and Killed 73-Year-Old: “He Would Have Survived If He was Younger”

A cyclist who crashed into and kill an elderly uncle after beating a red light said his victim would have survived if he was younger.

19-year-old Khairul Hairuman cycled across a pedestrian crossing on a bicycle which he knew had no brakes and hit 73-year-old Tong Cheng Poh.

The incident took place on 13 April last year at about 5.15pm along Lorong Ah Soo.

Khairul had been cycling in between traffic along the two-lane road when the crash happened.

Cheng was walking very slowly along the pedestrian crossing on a “green man” signal when he was struck by Khairul’s bicycle.

He died from a head injury the next day.

Khairul knew that the bicycle had never had rear brakes fixed.

About a week before the accident, he had removed the faulty front brakes, which were not replaced.

At the time of the crash, the bicucle relied on “coaster brakes” – a slow-braking system in which the rider brakes by turning the pedals of the bicycle backwards.

Khairul would usually step on the rear wheel of the bicycle to get it to stop.

Khairul, who had no lawyer, told Community Court Judge Eddy Tham that had the victim been in his 40s, he would have survived the accident.

He said he called for assistance and helped carry the victim to the side of the road and waited for the ambulance.

Khairul has been convicted of causing death by a rash act.

He will be sentenced on 6 Feb.

The maximum penalty for causing death by a rash act is 5 years’ jail and a S$5,000 fine.



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