Desperate for Cash, Taxi Uncle Lies His Way into Changi Restricted Zone to Pick Up Passengers

Tan Cheng Thong was not supposed to enter the Changi Air Freight Centre as his taxi clearance document had expired in Dec 2015.

Still, the 66-year-old taxi uncle thought “what the hell” and went in anyway, because he could earn more money from picking up office workers there compared to normal roadside passenger pickups.

But suay suay in Feb 2016, an alert auxiliary police officer checked his document and saw that the taxi uncle had used liquid paper (a white substance used to paint over written text for corrections) to cover up some of the details on the form.

Investigations showed that Tan had entered the protected area in at least 2 other instances using his forged documents.

Tan was arrested for forging a dozen taxi clearance documents.

He has pleaded guilty to 3 counts of forgery.



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