Desperate for Customers, Taxi Uncles Fight over “Queue-Cutting Misunderstanding” at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

Posted on Sep 19 2017 - 5:14pm by Redwire Singapore


How badly has the taxi industry and taxi drivers been hit by the advent of private-hire drivers?

Yesterday, a simple issue of “park wrong place” turned into a “queue-cutting misunderstanding” which saw 2 taxi uncles almost come to blows!

The incident took place at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at about 9.45am.

A 57-year-old uncle who was one of the taxi drivers involved said that he went to the taxi stand there hoping to pick up passengers.

He said that there were 2 taxis stopped at the taxi stand with their engines off, so he thought they weren’t waiting to pick up passengers (aka kooning lah).

Hence, he followed a Comfort taxi in front of him and stopped in front of the 2 taxis.

But after that Comfort taxi left, the 57-year-old taxi uncle said that a taxi driver who was in one of the taxis that he “cut queue” confronted him.

A debate turned into a filthy vulgarity-filled quarrel and the 2 taxi uncles almost turned gangster on each other.

Fortunately, before that happened, the 2 taxi uncles decided that cool heads should prevail (and possibly that PHV driver were their real nemesis) and both men returned to their cabs.

Fragile rice bowls, perhaps?


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