Determined Pervert Breaks into Wife’s Friend’s Home to Record Her using the Bathroom


You can fault Kevin Chin Thain Min for being a pervert, but you sure can’t fault him for his determination.

The 35-year-old has been convicted of insulting the modesty of a woman, theft and house trespass after recording his wife’s friends using the toilet.

He has been sentenced to 14 days short detention order, which is a form of community-based sentencing.

Chin, a freelancer motoring reporter, stole the key to one of the friend’s home when he was there for an event.

The friend, who is married, was living there with her husband at the time.

Chin then placed a spy camera in her bathroom to film her using the toilet or bathing.

This took place in June 2014.

Between October and December 2014, he used the key he had stolen to enter her house and installed the spy camera inside a small crack in the false ceiling of the bathroom.

Chin also attacked another female friend that he had developed a “crush” on.

He invited that friend to his home in June 2014 and secretly recorded her using the toilet.

On another occasion, Chin used his handphone to record videos of her underwear while he was with her in a test car.

His son and wife were also in the car at the time.

Chin’s wife found the videos and images of her female friends on his handphone in July 2015 when she was using his handphone.

She also discovered that he had hidden various spy cameras in household items and kept a collection of women’s underwear.

She confronted him and he said he would throw away all the items and delete the images and videos.

Still, she reported him to the police.

Chin’s legal counsel says he is currently receiving therapy and counselling, and that his wife has forgiven him.



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