“Dirty Fingers” Tour Guide Reportedly Overcharged Holiday-Makers for Thousands in Tour Activities

If you’re going on a holiday tour, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully.

Otherwise, some unscrupulous tour guide might just add in some “extra fees” and you wouldn’t even know.

Just like this female tour guide, who was confronted by a group of Singaporean holiday-makers on the last day of a 7 day 6 night tour of Gold Coast in Australia.

The group comprised 5 families, with each of the 24 persons on the tour paying S$1700.

The tour guide reportedly started with her “dirty” overcharging practices with almost every activity on the tour.

For one, there was a photo-taking session with koalas (cute, furry animals that could rip your eyeballs out if they wanted to).

The tour group members were allegedly told by the tour guide that they had to pay $30 to take photos with a bunch of koalas, and that it was a “1 photo, 2 persons” only thing.

Later on, the tour group realised that it was really $22 per person, and “take as many photos as you want” thing.

Said one of the angry tour group members, Mdm Luo:

“The tour guide even explained to use that the price we were paying was the cheapest.”

Next up, a helicopter ride.

The tour guide told each person that that to ride on the helicopter they had to pay $69 each.

However, the tour group members checked and discovered that the ride was supposed to be free as they had paid for it as part of the tour package.

The tour guide reportedly then backed down on the “extra $69 fee” after a tour group member showed her the itinerary.

Another tour group member, Mdm Hong, recalled another activity where the tour group was supposed to go see fireflies.

The tour guide reportedly charged $100 per person to go on this trip.

However, Mdm Hong recalled that on the tour itinerary, it specified that tour group members would have to pay $90 per person and not $100.

Mdm Hong also brought up the issue d hot air balloon rides.

Those who approached the tour guide to go on the hot air balloon ride were reportedly charged $290.

But later, when checking with other members of the tour group, they realised that others who paid the vendor straight only forked out $250.

Things eventually came to a boil in Australia at the airport.

The tour group members, angry that they had been overcharged for almost all the activities on the tour, confronted the tour guide.

The commotion was so big that Australian airport security even came to investigate what was going on.

Fortunately for the tour group, the tour guide admitted that yes, she had taken a bit off the top for certain activities.

She agreed to return the extra cash that she had taken to the group members.

Vacationers, if you’re going on a tour, remember to read your T&Cs carefully.

Otherwise, you might end up getting fleeced too!



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