Disgruntled Blogger Back to Fear-Mongering Ways, Publishes Fake News on Redwire Shut-Down


Former States Times Review blogger Alex Tan is back to twisting tales with his new blog, Singapore Herald.

On Tuesday (25 Dec), the disgruntled peddler of fake news gave the public a rude scare when he claimed that Redwire Times had been shut down by “corrupted ruling party figures” in government in an attempt to stifle criticism.

(Ed’s note: Even we got a shock when worried readers wrote in asking “how come like that ah”)

Redwire celebrates its 5th anniversary this year.

When the erroneous blog post was published, routine maintenance was being performed on the Redwire website as part of continuous efforts to improve user experience.

Tan’s latest overly-imaginative article comes just weeks after access to Singapore Herald was banned in Singapore on grounds of “public interest”.

His former blog, STR, was also banned in Singapore due to the publication of fake news.

At the time, Tan boldly challenged Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to sue him and defiantly said he would not budge on his blog, but refused to man up and shut down STR on his own accord a day later.



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