Doctor who Gave Foreign Worker 2 Days MC for Broken Hand Suspended


Raffles Hospital doctor Wong Him Choon has been suspended for 6 months, after he was convicted of professional misconduct.

Dr Wong had failed to comply with the “applicable standard of conduct” when managing the treatment of a construction worker who went to him with a fractured hand.

The Singapore Medical Council said that Dr Wong’s conduct was an “intentional and deliberate departure from the standards observed or approved by members of the profession of good repute and competency”.

The patient was brought to Dr Wong on 3 Sept 2011 b his supervisors.

He was involved in an accident at the construction site and fractured his right hand.

Dr Wong assessed that he had sustained sustained a distal radius fracture and a metacarpal fracture.

He performed surgery on the patient early the next day, discharged him on the same day, and gave him a medical certificate to cover his hospitalization from 3 Sept to 4 Sept 2011.

He also certified the construction worker fit for light duties for one month from Sep 5 – the day after his surgery.

Dr Wong reviewed the patient on Sep 7, 2011, and scheduled a further review on Oct 5, 2011.

However, on 11 Sept 2011, the patient went to the Accident & Emergency department of Changi General Hospital as he was experiencing pain and was hospitalised for 19 days.

During the 5 Oct 2011 review, Dr Wong issued the patient with a backdated medical certificate to cover his absence from 6 Sept 2011 to 20 Nov 2011.

Dr Wong had initially pleaded not guilty to the charge.

A disciplinary tribunal also cleared him, citing insufficient proof that his actions were intentional and deliberate.

However, he was convicted after the SMC filed an appeal to the High Court against the tribunal’s decision, and the Court subsequently overturned the tribunal’s acquittal.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Indian Doctors in UK

    May 29, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    UK now hires a very high percentage of indian doctors of which large portion of them are fake or not qualified at all. In recent months, there had been a number of strikes from this indian doctors demanding higher pay just as their white local colleagues, and refuse to attend to their patients in emergency situations, old retired local doctors were called in to temporarily filled their place. There are also reports that many of these indian doctors backstabbing their local medical professionals by sabotaging their proper medical procedures such as falsifying their prescriptions or making false claims or lies to the medical board about their local white colleagues. Such unethical practice done by indians have resulted in an undisclosed number of patients’ death and the dismissal of innocent local doctors.

    Could this Singapore doctor also backstab by indian doctors or disciplinary tribunal consist of indians??

    Govt need to seriously look into this life and death issue concerning patients (including those MPs of Chinese, Malay & Ang Moh ethnic group), to ensure proper medications and treatment are administered to the patients by proper racial groups.

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