Downtown Line Breakdown Prompts Question: Are MRT Trains Allergic to Exams?

Already stressed that they were about to sit for the biggest exam of their 12-year-old lives, students were put under even more pressure when they discovered that the transport system was down just as they were heading for their tests.

The train disruption took place this morning along the new Downtown Line.

Train service between Sixth Avenue and King Albert Park stations was halted due to at about 6.25am due to a dislodged platform door which was cracked.

Commuters at other stations reported that they had to wait up to 20 minutes for their train and large crowds formed at stations such as Bukit Panjang.

SBS Transit, which operates the line, said in a statement:

“The faulty platform screen door meant that trains could not pass through the station towards Chinatown. Our engineers quickly worked to dismantle the door. While this was being done, train service between DT1 Bukit Panjang and DT6 King Albert Park, as well as between DT7 Sixth Avenue and DT19 Chinatown continued to operate.”

Free bus service was provided by SBS between the Botanic Gardens and Beauty World stations during the disruption.

The Ministry of Education announced in a Facebook post that students taking exams who were caught in the breakdown should go to the nearest exam centre.

Normal train service resumed about 2 hours after the disruption.

The faulty doors are not in operation and repair work will be carried out tonight.

It seems that the MRT line has a penchant for causing our little ones distress during the biggest milestones of their lives.

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Whether it’s on the North-South, North-East or the latest Downtown Line, recent breakdowns ahead of crucial exams have gotten children frazzled.

It’s unclear if the underground has come down with a case of exam-allergy syndrome in recent times, but we certainly hope not or some kids might get spanked for missing out on a precious A grade.

Because like the trains, they too might break down under stress.



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