Dressing Room Mishap Sends New National Goalkeeping Scrambling Around Half-Naked

A shower accident saw Singapore’s new goalkeeping coach go on a towel-clad run around the streets to get his clothes back!

Frederic de Boever was caught on camera running around in clothed in only a white towel as he scrambled across the Jalan Besar streets outside the FAS building on Saturday.

This embarrassing photo of him was shared by former sports reporter Suresh Nair.

“I wonder what kind of role-model portraits these overseas coaches are trying to show the younger generation as they parade, rather unsportingly, if not disgracefully, along the public roads along Tyrwhitt Road.

Such poor streaker-like behaviour cannot be condoned, pants-dropping is never ever a Singapore culture, and I hope the FAS convey the strictest message to their highly-paid overseas staff that hanky-panky, off the field, and indeed, even in the field of play, will not be tolerated.

Please, let’s teach these “ang mohs” some public decorum, although they may think the road is only a stone’s throw from the infamous red-light area.”

But there’s a reason for de Boever’s “streaker” behaviour.

In his words,

“I locked myself out of the office while I was taking a shower in the FAS building after Saturdays game. All my clothes where in the office so I had to ask the key to someone on the street to get back in and to take my clothes. This is the story behind this picture.

“I didn’t want to shock anyone. I just went on the street for 30 seconds to ask the key of a colleague so I was able to get my clothes back who where still in the office that was locked… I’m very sorry if I offended someone. But I was the only option that I had left.”

De Boever. who was appointed as national goalkeeping coach in February, has apologised for his behaviour.

We’re just thankful the towel, amongst other things, stayed up.



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