Driver Crashes into Woman at Zebra Crossing, Tells Her “You were Going the Wrong Way”


Talk about adding insult to injury!

39-year-old teacher Mdm Deng had just finished dinner at Junction 8 and was walking home when she was hit by a driver while walking across a zebra crossing.

Instead of apologising, Mdm Deng said that the driver, a bespectacled man in his 50s, took a look at her and said:

“You were going the wrong way.”

The incident took place on Thursday (18 Jan) at about 8pm.

Mdm Deng had stopped at the zebra crossing along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 when she saw a grey car approaching from a distance.

Thinking the driver would stop at the zebra crossing, she proceeded to cross the road.

But when she was halfway across the zebra crossing, she was hit by the grey car.

“I got tossed in the air and landed flat on the road. I didn’t faint but was dazed for maybe 3 to 4 minutes.”

Ms Deng suffered bruised ribs and abrasions on her legs and face.

A couple in a passing car and an elderly lady stopped to land a hand.

They helped her sit up and called an ambulance.

The couple also took antiseptic lotion from the car and rubbed on her wounds

And that’s when, according to Mdm Deng, the driver of the grey car emerged from his vehicle, took a look at her, and told her (let’s repeat that line again): “You walked the wrong way”

He also told the elderly lady who stopped to help that:

“I thought it was a dog that leaped forward.”

Mdm Deng said:

“When I heard that, I got very angry and told him ‘A dog is also a living thing.’”

Mdm Deng said the couple an elderly lady also scolded the driver

When she regained her senses, Mdm Deng said the driver refused to exchange particulars with her and hasn’t contacted her since the incident.

She said that at that point of time she forgot to take down the number plate of the car

“He hit me then went missing. I hope I can find him and get an apology and payment for my medical bills.”

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