Driver Parks Across Carpark Entrance, Blocking 40 Cars from Entering and Leaving Condo for 3 Hours!

This driver had an excellent remedy to soothe the anger of those he was blocking by parking in front of a condominium entrance – park there even longer lah!

In the end, condo-goers had to wait for 3 hours for him to budge, and even called the police in to force him into gear.

The incident happened at a private condominium in Jalan Bunga Rampai on Sunday (15 Nov).

At about 7.45pm, the inconsiderate driver parked his car in a manner such that it blocked both the entrance and exit of the condo’s car park.

He’s reportedly a resident of the condominium, and the incident is believed to have flared up over parking matters.

A car dealer, the man reportedly wanted to drive 4 cars into the car park, but the condo’s management only allows each resident to occupy two parking spaces.

It’s unclear if this was the catalyst for the incident.

His actions saw about 40 vehicles parked outside the condominium, with 50 furious people lining the street.

Many couldn’t go home, and some people were spotted scolding him.

Subsequently, a whole troop of officers came to the scene in 6 police cars.

The man eventually moved his vehicle at 10pm, putting residents out of their 3-hour-long misery.

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