Drunk Vietnamese Woman Hantams Security Guard Uncle, Uncle Aggrieved at Decision to Transfer Him

It was close to midnight on a Sunday, and security guard Mr Lim probably thought he can shake legs and relax for awhile.

The next thing he knew a taxi pulled up at the condominium in Bencoolen where he was working.

A Vietnamese girl stumbled out, drunk as a fish, accompanied by two friends.

With the help of a passing ang moh, they managed to help her to the lift lobby, but didn’t know which floor she was staying on.

That’s when Mr Lim went to find out was was going on.

As the 58-year-old guard was talking to one of the drunk lady’s friends, the lady suddenly sprang up on him from behind.

Mr Lim said she pulled his tie and bit his arm.

While possibly screaming “KNN” in his head, Mr Lim grabbed the woman’s hair and pulled her back.

But hell hath no fury like a drunk woman, scorned or not.

She lunged forward again, attacking Mr Lim, other condominium security guards who had come to his assistance, and even her friends.

And boy was she one hell of a biter, kicker, and screamer.

One security guard called the police and when two police officers arrived, everything was resolved peacefully and everyone went home safe.

Yeah, right.

She unleashed the biting, kicking and screaming on the cops instead.

Subsequently, the Vietnamese woman was cornered, pushed to the ground and handcuffed, and taken away by the police.

Mr Lim said he didn’t take any sick leave despite the injuries.

But what has rankled him is the security company dropping a notice to transfer him to guard another residence after the incidence.

He felt the move was unfair and decided to resign.

Yesterday was his last day at work.

Mr Lim says he has CCTV footage of the incident to prove he didn’t do anything wrong during the incident.

Other residents of the condominium have also stepped forward, describing how it was Mr Lim who had taken a beating at the hands of the drunk Vietnamese woman.


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