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Filipino Radiographer who Attacked Singaporeans also a Racist who Posted Anti-Islam Comments Online

This is a sensitive story and readers who are offended by graphic comments against Islam should not read further.

Netizens furious at anti-Singaporean comments posted online by Ed Munsel Bello, better known by his Facebook moniker Edz Ello, have unearthed more inflammatory postings by him, this time, regarding Islam. He had previously posts like these on his Google Plus account.

In this comment, Ed mockingly mentions “Alluha may penis be upon you” to refer to a video on “Allah Akbar fails”. This is insulting to Muslims, who use the Islamic phrase “Allahu Akbar”, which means “God is the greatest”.

Singaporeans have had their feathers ruffled by the Filipino radiographer who works at Tan Tock Seng hospital, ever since his insensitive comments came to public attention 2 days ago.

Ed claims that his Facebook account was hacked, but it’s unclear how his Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube accounts were all shut down so quickly after news of his various misdemeanours broke.

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