Employer from Hell Hit Maid’s Head with Hammer and Smashed her Forehead with Stone Pounder, Among Other Violent Acts


Cruelty to the point of absurdity is possibly the most appropriate way to describe 56-year-old Zariah Mohd Ali.

She was convicted today after a 17-day trial.

Mdm Zariah faced 28 charges of maid abuse, which include (wait for it, it’s a long list):

-hitting the maid’s head with a hammer on 5 occasions; (she gave the maid a sanitary pad on at least 2 occasions when the hammer drew blood to stop the bleeding)
-hitting her mouth with a hammer;
-striking her left ear with a bamboo pole;
-hitting her forehead with a stone pounder;
-stabbing her left shoulder with a pair of scissors;
-forcefully pushing her left little finger

No wait, let’s go into a bit more of the gruesome details of Mdm Zariah’s maid abuse:

-she made her maid grin and bare her teeth, then hit her in the mouth with a hammer to the point where her teeth broke
-she slashed her maid’s arm with a chopper while she was cutting fish for no apparent reason

And we’ll stop here – oh we did mention she whacked her maid on the forehead with a damn stone pounder right?

The maid, Ms Khanifah, subsequently suffered permanent disfigurement from the abuse.

She testified in court that she was made to wear a tudung and long-sleeved clothing to hide her injuries.

The offences came to light after she was abruptly sent home by the couple on 19 Dec 2012.

Mdm Zariah claimed that Ms Khanifah lied about the abuse, but forensic evidence showed that her injuries were consistent with her clear and coherent testimony.

Mdm Zariah has since suffered a stroke on the left side of her body.

The case has been adjourned to 23 Nov.


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