Employer Spat on Maid’s Face, Pulled Off her Tudung and Stomped on It

42-year-old administrative clerk Suriyati Matrawee has been jailed for 16 weeks after she was found guilty of using criminal force and causing hurt to her maid.

The maid, 28-year-old Intan Atikah, suffered abuse just 2 months after starting work in the Clementi household.

In June 2015, she was punched by Suriyati’s daughter, but nothing was done about the incident.

In September 2015, a neighbour spotted bruises and on Intan’s hand and face.

In December 2015, Suriyati was found to have spat on Intan 5 times for not being able to finish her ironing chores on time.

A neighbour called the police upon hearing the commotion, but when police arrived Suriyati hugged Intan and begged her to tell them that nothing had happened.

That same evening, Suriyati pulled the victim by her shirt, scolded her, and stomped on her left foot.

The stomp twisted Intan’s left foot and caused bruising and sewelling.

Another incident took place on 27 Feb 2016.

While employer and maid were in a car, Suriyati pulled off Intan’s tudung and stepped on it.

She was angry with Intan for not looking after her children.

Suriyati’s daughter had helped to pull off Intan’s tudung and even hit her in the back.

Suriyati was also found to have withheld Intan’s salary on 3 occasions.

The final straw came on 6 March 2016.

Suriyati called the maid a sex worker as she was upset with her for waking up 10 minutes late.

Intan had had enough and ran out of the house.

A neighbour saw her holding on to the staircase railing while Suriyati and a man tried to pull he away.

The neighbour called the police.

In passing sentence, District Judge Mathew Joseph scolded Suriyati for her “foolish and deplorable” actions.

He said her offending conduct spanned a prolonged period of time; the nature of abuse was bold and wide-ranging.

The judge added that spitting in someone’s face is humiliating, degrading and an “ultimate insult”.



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