“Errant” Labour Practices to Deny Staff Bonuses Going On at Social and Family Development Ministry?

A complaint has surfaced on local employment woes website Transitioning, which is headed by the Reform’s Party candidate for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Gilbert Goh.

A letter writer known as Terence has alleged that dubious labour practices are going on at the Ministry of Social and Family Development to deny employees their bonuses.

“I noticed there are many other temp staff over there too. At first I did not think much about that.

But upon chatting with one, she told me she has been working there for over one year and she told me there are many more such cases of people working there but not converted to contract or perm positions.

What shocked me further was that they are forced to take one month unpaid break after end of 12 months tenure so that the ministry do not need to pay them bonus.

The payout is issued by a 3rd party (job agency)”

Terence says he is currently working at the MSF on a one-month contract.

He says he wants to raise this issue of “errant” employment because he feels it is unbecoming of a ministry.

“MSF is supposed to provide safety net to those in need, a government ministry should set good example of hiring not only Singaporeans first, but also provide proper remuneration to its workers.”

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