Ex-Student Hits S$5000 Donation Target in Fight Against NUS, NUS Threatens Legal Action

Jeanne Ten, the ex-NUS post-grad student who appealed for help in her legal battle against the school, has hit her target of S$5000 in donations thanks to generous donors.

Writing on her blog, Ten accused NUS of expelling her unfairly and refusing to award her with her Master’s Degree even though she had passed.

She has since removed the blog posts (which you read here), after a threat by NUS.

Said Ten on Thursday (20 Jul):

“NUS has demanded that I remove the blog posts of 18 and 19 July 2017. If I do not, NUS will enforce its legal rights against me. I have taken down the two posts.”

Ten had asked for donations to help fund her legal challenge as she had spent some S$100,000 so far and had run out of savings.

She accused her NUS supervisor of stealing her thesis to enrich himself, and said she was terminated after she refused to drop her complaint about the lack of a fair hearing by the school.





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