EXPOSED: Bullying History of Well-Dressed Bully who Whacked Old Uncle

At least he’s well-dressed.

Still, it appears that the man who banged into an old uncle from behind over a table dispute at Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre has a history of bullying.

Chow Chuin Yee, director of Novel Learning Centre, was exposed by his neighbours, with at least 2 of them coming out with tales of his bullying ways.

One of them shared CCTV footage of this “Bullygate” incident, where Chow was caught on camera kicking the security gate to his condominium when the security guard, who was in the washroom at the time, was late in opening it.


An elderly uncle neighbour, said that he was walking home carrying 2 grocery bags one day when the Chow banged into him (the shoulder-bang-shoulder kind of bang, not the bang uncle from behind kind of bang).

He confronted Chow, and accused Chow of grabbing him by the hand and taunting him, saying “I’ll stand here for you to hit me if you want.”

The neighbour said he made a police report over the incident, and later found out that Chow also made a police report alleging he had been hit.

Chow made headlines last week he and his wife were caught on camera bullying an old man at the Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre.

The couple have since gone under the radar and have declined to publicly comment on the incident.


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