Falling Window Cases Hit 5-Year High in 2017


2017 saw the number of cases of falling windows hitting a 5-year high.

50 cases of falling windows were reported this year.

The year which saw the highest number of falling windows on record is 2012, when 71 incidents were reported.

From January to November this year, 25 sliding windows, 24 casement windows fell and one window which fell didn’t belong to either of those categories.

Most of the sliding windows that fell did so due to the lack of proper safety stoppers and angle strips in place to ensure that the window panels were kept within the tracks.

The panels then detached and fell when home owners tried to open or close the windows.

As for casement windows, most of those which fell were found fitted with aluminium rivets that had corroded. The corrosion compromised the rivets’ strength and functionality, such that they could not hold window panels firmly in place.

If a window falls due to lack of maintenance, home owners can face be jailed for up to a year and/or a fine of up to S$10,000.

Since 2006, 326 people have been fined and 86 people have been prosecuted for fallen windows.

Home owners are advised to check that window rivets and fasteners are not rusty or loose, and regularly clean and lubricate joints or movable parts.

Those who have installed sliding windows should ensure there are safety stoppers and/or angle strips installed properly and replace them if they wear out.

They should also clean the tracks and ensure the window panels can slide smoothly.

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