Faulty Door Causes Signalling Problem on Downtown Line, Commuters Complain of 30 Mins Delay

A faulty platform door at the Botanic Gardens station is believed to have led to a signalling fault, causing delays of up to 30 minutes along the whole Downtown Line towards Chinatown station.

At 7.45am, SMRT sent a tweet informing commuters to expect a 10 minute delay in their travelling time.

Unfortunately, the wait proved longer.

redwire singapore downtown line delay
The DTL1 was opened in 2013 and DTL2 in 2015 respectively.

Since its inception, this is the train services’ second delay due to a faulty door.

The first problem took place in Oct 2016.

A loose bolt caused a platform screen door to dislodge from its frame and come into contact with the side of an approaching train.

As a result, commuters suffered a 2-hour delay.



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