Filipino Lady Shares Tips on Job-Hunting in Singapore on a Social Visit Pass

Foreigners on Social Visit Passes aren’t allowed to work in Singapore.But they can come here to seek job opportunities.One Filipino lady has done just that, and she’s shared her job-hunting experience on the online forum Pinoysg.com.Calling herself “Threewands”, the netizen’s top tips are:

1) Don’t dress to kill,
2) Don’t show prospective employers that you’re so nervous your hands are shaking, and

3) Don’t forget to bring all your social and work-related documents with you.

Screengrab from Contact Singapore's website.

Screengrab from Contact Singapore’s website.

The latest statistics by Singapore’s Manpower Ministry reveal that the number of new Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMET) jobs taken by foreigners have increased by 77% over the past 5 years.

The number of Employment Passes approved for foreigners spiked 56.5% and the amount of S Passes approved jumped a whopping 105%.

redwire singapore foreign pmet stats
But it appears that Singaporeans too are keen to pack up and go if given the chance, according to a recent survey by Hays.

The poll showed that some 97% of Singaporeans are keen to work overseas if given the chance.

Those interviewed put this down to better job opportunities, and career development.

This is Threewands full forum post:
Hi guys! I want to share with you in details my experience upon coming here in SG and my plan on going back to our country after my 30 days social visit pass. So here it goes…PERSONAL DETAILS: Female, 23 years old, Graduate of Marketing, Two years work experience in a customer related environmentGOING TO SG

1. Booked a two way TigerAir ticket last December.
-Flight details: January 14, 2015 ETD12PM
-Flight details: January 21, 2015 ETD08AM

2. Airport Immigration
– I brought all of these documents to make sure I’ll pass the immigration:
Certificate of Employment, proof that I am still employed in the Philippines. Although I resigned last January 9, I asked our HR staff (kase close naman kami) to provide me two COE’s, one is still employed and one is resigned na. The true COE was kept in my luggage and the fake one was in my hand carry bag along with my passport and ticket.
Bank Certification, proof that I have savings account. I had P50,000 in my account although sa parents ko yun at winithdraw nila after a week.
Company ID and Alumni ID
My cousin’s supporting documents. He’s my sponsor since he’s working in SG for two years na

3. Tip lang, dont dress to kill :lol: simplicity is key para hindi ka paghinalaan ng IO. I was wearing a shirt, jeans, and shoes + my eye glasses.

4. It was my very first international flight so I understood na maraming itatanong ang IO but I was confident I’ll pass so I didnt really bother to prepare. Dont show them that you’re hands are shaking :lol:

5. Most of the questions were about my sponsor. Pero grabe tigas nila, hindi agad sila naniwala na magpinsan kami :twisted:

6. Meron akong kasabay na ininterview ng IO but hindi siya na.approve even if two years na siyang pabalikbalik sa SG. Why? She was so nervous and didnt know how to answer questions! :x Napag-alaman tuloy na naghahanap siya ng work

7. I filled up some papers then my cousin, waiver ata yun, saying na whatever happens to me in SG siya ang mananagot. Hehe!

8. Easy piece 8)


Here’s my struggles..

1st day – Pasyal agad! I familiarized the bus route and the SMRT
1st week – Sent my application to different jobsites. I applied to almost 40 employers.
2nd week – Walked in. Rejected :mrgreen:
3rd week – Inquired almost six recruitment agency. All of them asked for SGD3,000 all fees na

My 30th day will be on February 13 but I’ll be leaving on the 11th since mura ang ticket.


1. Why is it so hard to look for a job here in SG esp this year?

To all my kababayans, I do not want to discourage you from coming here but the MOM came up with an ordinance. For those large employers, they have a quota kung ilang foreigners dapat ang magtratrabaho sa company nila. Yung mga maliliit na employers, wala silang quota that means hindi sila tatanggap ng foreign workers…

I’ve applied to hotels and restaurants, logistics/ freight forwarding, telecommunications, and administrative support pero ni isa sa mga employers, walang nag-feedback. I’ve called their offices to verify if they accept foreigners pero lahat ng tinawagan ko sabi “Sorry but we’re not anymore hiring foreigners” “Sorry we dont have quota” or “Sorry we’re prioritizing our locals”… A friend of my friend also tried her luck here, since December pa siya, pero until now wala pa ring tawag.

2. Why am I not pursuing recruitment agencies?

Because I know the probability of me getting a job here is only 5/100%. Placement fee is cash basis while others are to be deducted na sa salary mo but its just too much. Out of six agencies, four of them told me na “Ang hirap na mag-apply ng SPASS ngayon, we can help you pero we’re not sure kung makakakita kami ng employer within a month.” So there…

3. Why not apply e-extend or exit to Malaysia para ma-prolong ang stay ko sa SG?

Ang hirap na nga mag-apply for SPASS, e-extend pa kaya?..

So many opted to exit sa Malaysia pero ako, hindi na. Why? Because before i came here, I asked God kung makakahanap ako ng trabaho or may tumawag man lang kahit isang employer even if three days or four days before my departure that means I am meant to work here in SG :) pero parang wala talaga eh, negative :mrgreen: although I still have five workdays to wait if may tumawag. I dont want to take the risk of going to Malaysia alone since I dont have any relatives or friends there. My cousin also discouraged me since strict na rin daw ngayon ang Malaysia di gaya dati na pwede lang magstay sa airport for one day then balik agad ng SG. Na airport to airport din yung friend niya who was also trying to exit sa M, kasi wala naman daw siyang kakilala sa Malaysia at first time niya dun..

I am on my 4th week now and instead of waiting, i have sent my applications already sa Pinas. Hopefully I’ll be invited for an interview the soonest.

If you really want to come here, just dont expect too much.

KAIN! PASYAL! ENJOY! You’ll learn so many things about their culture, behaviors, and work environment.. :D

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